Curious as to what we do?  In short, we tell your story to the world.  We give you a voice that can be heard around the world.  We also provide you an opportunity to help others by alerting them to your experiences.

You are likely here because the thought of helping others is of interest to you.  Perhaps you have been wronged by a company or maybe just an individual in that company and you would like to tell your story in an effort to alert others to the actions and/or practices of that company.  Maybe we can help. 

Some companies, or representatives of that company, take actions that are just not fair or equitable, or, in some cases downright dishonest.  Wouldn't you have liked to have known that prior to doing business with them?  Although if you have already been negatively affected by such behavior it’s unlikely the company will make the situation right if they haven’t already.  Presumably you have attempted such already.  All is not lost though.

By telling your story to the world the company may just be motivated enough to make the situation right.  Today, everyday folks like yourself have access to the internet.  Most folks will do a little research prior to doing business with a company.  Companies simply don’t like their past wrongdoing out in the open for prospective customers or investors to see.  By telling your story you may help yourself, but more importantly you will be helping others who may be thinking about doing business with them. 

The age old adage of one dissatisfied customer telling ten other people, thanks to the Internet, has now become one dissatisfied customer telling perhaps millions.

If you have been wronged by a business or representative of that company, and you have supporting documentation of such… contact us, maybe we can help.

What do we charge for this service… nothing.  We would ask that you reimburse us for any incurred expenses, such as website hosting fees or software purchases if such were requested, but other than that the service is free.  Why… because we wish someone had offered this service before we had done business with some unscrupulous companies. 

If interested feel free to contact us.  We can let you know if we can help.

Also, this site is still under construction so please pardon our dust.